We digitalise all types of movies, tapes, images, music, data, and anything else that you want to keep in the future.


Get your old media digitalised to the latest media - for example. DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, USB stick, Hard disk, etc.


And maybe it's time to get your DVDs and BluRays converted to movie files.


At Eirstudio we put a lot of focus and effort in to quality - the quality of digitalisation with proper equipment, the quality of the conversion to a new media and the quality of providing proper customer service.

We try to be very price competitive, but judge yourself and always choose a place with proper quality: after all it is your old priceless memories to be secured for the future.

If you have good advice or suggestions for us, our business or other services we should naturally offer, we are always interested in feedback. Please send us an email or give us a call. Best and most useful advice or proposal for the month is rewarded with a 10% discount on the next order from the sender.

All memories and tasks are important - so no inquiry can be too small and we will honored to assist with everything and all tasks.



VHS, U-Matic, Betamax, Super VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, D8, mini DV, reel tape, slim film, LP discs, etc. - We claim that we at Eirstudio can handle ALL tasks:

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MicroMV to DVD

MiniDV to DVD

Betamax to DVD

BetaCAM to DVD

Umatic to DVD

U-Matic to DVD



Super VHS to DVD

Digital 8 to DVD

Digital-8 to DVD

Video-8 to DVD

HI-8 to DVD

Video2000 to DVD

Video-2000 to DVD

Reel film to DVD


Reel tape to CD

Cassette to CD

Digtafon tape to CD

Floppy disk to CD

Floppy disc for CD

dubbing overlay VCR compilation slideshow

English Video Conversion

DCP Video VideoPro professional

video to dvd

MicroMV to DVD

Photo scanning


image capture

scanning negatives


scanning negatives


Video to DVD even determine your quality & price.

Prices from (Low cost) Regardless of the length of the tape !! VHS-C / Hi8 / Vi8 / DV (including DVD & VAT) Video to Hard Drive from 100% Professional

Video On DVD

Awards Pro Broadcast DVD

VHS / Hi8 / Digital8 / Video8 / Mini-DV

Betamax / Video 2000:

U-matic / U-matic-SP:


Beta SP / DigiBeta:

We use archiving DVDs. and (Time base correction) We record Max 2 hours per. DVD, your guarantee for great quality.

Video On Hard Disk SD

Awards Pro Broadcast SD (interlaced)

Output Data Formats

SD, ProRes 422, and MPEG-4

(Time base correction)

ProRes to MP4 conversion per. film

Video On Hard Disk HD

Awards Pro Broadcast HD (progressive)

VHS / Hi8 / Digital8 / Video8 / Mini-DV

Betamax / Video 2000:

U-matic / U-matic-SP:


Beta SP / DigiBeta:

Output Data Formats

1080p, 720p, ProRes 422, and MPEG-4

(Time base correction)

Buy a hd disk: External USB 3.0 Hard Drive from $ 500, -

Repair of Tire

interlaced or progressive? We recommend progressive HD-720P When video is to be digitized to HDD ProRes 720P fills approximately 1GB per. minute movie. Please bring your own hard drive ProRes codec works for both PC and Mac.


Extra security Free backup 30 days of video to hard drive! Then it is deleted.

Editing: We Recommend Private! Adobe premiere elements, for video editing, of HD files. etc. Purchased for around 135 euro Here


Band to digital For the production and filing of movies, using the same technology and equipment used by the major in the entertainment industry. Our Film Label offers many opportunities for digitizing movies in terms of production work and quality. So you can choose which digital workflow best suits your needs and budget. We have know-how and guide you.

Extra Discounts Large Customer: Do you have a lot of short ties, or carry out tasks. Are we always fresh for a good offer.

All prices are incl. VAT. & DVD

MicroMV til DVD MiniDV til DVD Betamax til DVD BetaCAM til DVD
U-matic til DVD VHS-C til DVD S-VHS til DVD Super VHS til DVD
Digital-8 til DVD Video-8 til DVD HI-8 til DVD Video2000 til DVD
Smalfilm til DVD Spolebånd til CD Kassettebånd til CD Digtafonbånd til CD
Floppy disc til CD overspilning overspilning VCR overspilnings smalfilm
DCP Video VideoPro fessionel