How are memories passed on and secured for the future? ..

How to prevent those who share the memories from fighting over who should have what memories - whether it's pictures, photos, holiday footage?

Who helps bring and secure grandparents tails and stories of life many years ago - and the sound of grandparents pleasant voice and lovely way to tell?


Transferring, securing and handing over memories to family, to children, to descendants and to future generations is both difficult and often something we forget, postpone or just do not think is important or pleasant - and it's something for someone else to do at another time .

But there is no one else doing it! - and this should not be a big and incomprehensible case or something to be postponed, and it can be done and secured in many ways; as long as this is done in time.

Suddenly memories must be found, shared between the children, between spouses when they are divorced, passing away, etc.

We offer to help get this done, so it is easily done, without any high costs and secured so that it is available to the relevant and agreed people - as well as this is Automatically passed on to descendants if requested .

Memories can be anything from photographs, slideshows, slides, videos, letters and documents, data, etc. which you, your family or even descendants should be able to use without concern regarding: fire, theft, water damage, vandalism, inheritance or anything else.

In addition, all the stories, etc. which - if they are not recorded and secured, will be lost together with the people we lose throughout life.

We travel across the country and provide recording equipment that can be used over a period of time, at hospitals, hospitals, nursing homes, homes, to be digitalised and stored as we agree upon will be stored and to whom.

We call this the "memory box" - and we can only encourage you to sign up for this and have it  created as soon as possible - and it may start with a small bit of footage and then expanded over time and years:

Please contact us over the phone for a talk about what you would like and how: We work very discreetly, with good experiences and can help with a memory box very professionally, quickly and easily and at a very reasonable price.

There are no hidden obligations or commitments or otherwise something unethical from our side: This is in line with the creation of a will that covers only the income and distribution of money and values: The memory box covers everything that has the largest values, ​​which can not be bought with money: memories of the past and the people whom at one point - will be no more,  due to any given cause and age.